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Dr. Murray Zedeck, Chairman of the Board 
William E. Himes, Director, President & CEO
Leonard E. Zedeck, Esq.,  Director, Attorney
Seymour Roth, Director, Investments
David B. Schulman,  Director, Insurance Executive
Henry O. Boenning, Director, CPA  
William E. Himes, President & CEO 
Ed Barranco, Executive Vice President
Peter J. Swiatek, Senior Vice President, CFO & COO
Lisa Pandolfo, Senior Vice President, BSA & Compliance
Rick Rueger, Vice President, IT & Branch Administration
Jean Akselrod, Assistant Vice President & Accounting Manager
Isabel Ruber, Assistant Vice President Loan Operation Manager
Dawn Palochick, Assistant Cashier, Hallandale
Linda Slater, Assistant Cashier, BSA/AML Specialist  
Frances Solomon, REO Portfolio Manager
Our Advisory Board... 
John L. Fahrer,  Leasing Consultant
Ross Manella, Esq.,  Attorney
Bennett L. David,  Realtor
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